Oct 14 Solar Eclipse Activites and Map! | Department of Physics – Astronomy Education Program

Oct 14 Solar Eclipse Activites and Map!

We are all set for the Oct 14th Partial Solar Eclipse Event. Below is a map of the event and the numbers indicate the activities that will be taking place there. Mellow Mushroom Pizza will also be selling pizza by the slice near our front gate. We will also have serval water stations set up.

Ticket Sales will take place at the parking entrance of the RUAC on the West side of the facility. Solar Glasses will be handed out at ticketing.

Types of Observations

We have white light and hydrogen alpha observations set up for the eclipse. White light observation will let you see the visible surface of the sun, the Photosphere. You will be able to see sunspots and some light solar activity along with the eclipse.

Hydrogen alpha observation will let you see the Chromosphere. This is the 2nd outermost layer of the Sun's atmosphere where lots of solar activity takes place. Given the right conditions, you will be able to see sunspots, solar prominences, solar granulation and filaments, spicules, and maybe even solar flares.

RUAC Activity Map

Map Activity Key

  1. West Dome: Houses our 6" Unitron refracting telescope -White light observations of the Sun's Chromosphere and eclipse. Built in the 1940's, this historical telescope is one of only two of its kind still operation in its original condition.

  2. East Dome: Houses our 8" refracting telescope. Will be doing white light observations of the Sun's Chromosphere and eclipse. This is one of the largest aperture refracting telescopes in the Southern US.

  3. Activity Corner: This station will host a variety of pinhole and projection camera activities to view the eclipse.

    • Sun Spotter Projectors - Kids (and even adults) can project the sun and draw sunspots and the eclipse using these devices

    • Pinhole Cameras - several of these are available to view the eclipse.

    • Make your own pinhole projector to view the eclipse.

    • Eclipse on a Cracker? Curious, come check it out…

  4. Classroom 1: Eclipse Live Streams/Water/Restrooms. Playing NASA's live stream of the Annular Eclipse on our projector and our every own live stream on a 75" TV.

  5. Classroom 2: Eclipse Educational Videos/Water/Restrooms. Playing Eclipse educational videos on our projector and TV will have viewing of our very own eclipse live stream.

  6. Dobsonian Telescopes: Want to see if you can find the eclipse in a telescope on your own. Give it a shot with these easy-to-use Dobsonian telescopes. These telescopes will be placed around the facility to make white light observations of the eclipse. We'll have staff to help you if you get stuck.

  7. Ticket Sales: You probably found this if you are viewing it at the event but they will be on the west side of the facility at our parking lot entrance.

  8. Telescope Building 3: Closed and where we are streaming the eclipse from.

  9. Telescope Building 4: Four telescopes set up for hydrogen alpha and white light observation of the eclipse. View the eclipse and solar activity through our special hydrogen alpha telescope set up. There are also two C8 telescopes and one C14 telescope set up for white light observation.

  10. Telescope Building 5: This is the same set up as Telescope Building 4 (9).

Make sure to only view the eclipse directly with your solar glasses!!!

We hope everyone has as great time and enjoys the eclipse!