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Sky Theater

March's Schedule at a Glance

7:30PM Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon
12:00PM Solar System Tours
2:00PM Europe to the Stars
5:00PM Mesmerica *
6:30PM Live Show: Planets & Beyond
8:00PM Mesmerica *
9:30PM Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon
2:00PM Mesmerica *
3:30PM Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon
5:00PM Mesmerica *

All Ticket Sales are exclusively at the box office outside of the Planetarium for public shows and begin 15 minutes before showtime. The ticket booth will remain open 5 minutes after the show's start time for people that could be late. After those five minutes, however, there is no admission into the show. More information can be found on the Now Showing page.

*More information regarding Mesmerica can be found below. There are no Mesmerica Shows on Fridays in March 2023.

About Us

The Sky Theater @ UNT is located in the Environmental Sciences Building on the University of North Texas campus in Denton, TX. This unique 100 seat, 40-foot domed theater, which features a state-of-the-art Digistar projection system that brings visitors stunning views of the night sky, a 360° full dome video, and the most immersive educational experience in all of North Texas!

Spend some quality time with your family or quench your thirst for knowledge by coming to a show and experiencing our captivating full-dome theater. Feel the thrill of traveling to nearby stars, taking a celestial roller coaster, or winding through a field of electrons within an atom.

The planetarium presents a variety of entertaining and educational programs for schools, the university and the general public. For more information browse through our links in the sidebar.

For questions about the UNT Sky Theater please call (940) 369-8213 or email us at

Mesmerica Has Returned!

Back by popular demand Mesmerica has returned to UNT's Sky Theater.

James Hood's MESMERICA is a groundbreaking immersive audio-visual experience, exhibiting in planetariums and dome venues across the US and Canada. Combining James Hood's music with carefully curated 3D animations from artists around the world, the award-winning show is an enormous hit with both audiences and planetarium operators alike, breaking all existing records for full-dome/planetarium music shows. The hour-long show features 360° projections and stunning 5.1 surround sound.

For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit their ticketing page.

Please note that Sky Theater only hosts these events as venue. UNT is not affiliated with Mesmerica and therefore cannot provide any customer service support. All questions and customer service inquires should be emailed to: