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Donate Astronomy

Due to the current pandemic, we have been unable to generate sustaining revenues through our public outreach programs at the Sky Theater Planetarium or the Rafes Urban Astronomy Center.

This revenue sustains and advances our public programs as well as supports our student employees. We are also expecting the academic funding that helps sustain our facilities may also be substantially reduced. Therefore, we are reaching out for your help.

If you are one of the many people who have experienced our exciting, immersive Sky Theater shows or gazed at the universe through one of our telescopes during famous Star Parties , please donate to the Sky Theater Fund TODAY!

Help us to preserve what "D" magazine once called, "The best place for North Texans to explore the universe!"

To make a donation click the icon below.

(Note: you must fill out all of the fields marked * for your donation to process but do have the option to donate anonymously)

Thanks for your support. All donors' names will be updated on weekly on this page.

For questions or more information on astro donations, contact Ryan Bennett at

Special Thanks to Our Donors!

  • Harvey Wiggins
  • Frank Drewes
  • Linda Eaton
  • Rachel Case
  • Justin Williams
  • Dr. James Martin
  • Michael Famigletti
  • Shawn McMullen
  • Jim Rogers
  • John Anderson
  • Christopher Littler
  • Maria Crudu
  • Ron DiIulio
  • Ryan Bennett
  • Sidrah Khan
  • Crystal Garrett
  • Dr. Tracy Kim
  • Christian Allen
  • John Leidel
  • Julie Smith
  • Carlos Torres Jr.
  • Donna Rains