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Children's Matinee

Saturdays at noon

Now on Saturdays, the Sky Theater presents programs for kids. Shows start at 12:00pm and everyone gets in for $3.The planetarium now accepts credit cards. Each month we offer a different show, so check back to see this month's program.

Mission to the Moon

Show Length: 34 minutes

Geared toward younger students, this program simulates a trip to our nearest neighbor in space, the Moon. Students learn about the importance of air, water, and nourishment. Upon landing, they experience the effects of reduced gravity, explore the cratered surface, and look back at our home planet... the source of all known life

Exploding Universe

Show Length: 32 minutes

1st Saturday of the month

The Dark Matter Mystery

Show Length: 38 minutes

2nd Saturday of the month


Show Length: 26 minutes

3rd Saturday of the month

Phantom of the Universe

Show Length: 28 minutes

4th Saturday of the month

From Earth to the Universe

Show Length: 30 minutes

5th Saturday of the month (If there is one)

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