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Children's Matinee

Saturdays at noon

Now on Saturdays, the Sky Theater presents programs for kids. Shows start at 12:00pm and everyone gets in for $3.The planetarium now accepts credit cards. Each month we offer a different show, so check back to see this month's program.

It's About Space. It's About Time.
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Show Length: 25 minutes

Star Stories
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Show Length: 30 minutes

First Saturday of the Month

People from around the world and through time have seen the same stars but they have seen different pictures in the sky. Each culture has made up stories to explain the star patterns they saw in the night sky. Let the Sky Theater take you on an adventure through space and time to discover some of these "Star Stories".

From Earth to the Universe
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Show Length: 30 minutes

2nd Saturday of the month

The night sky, both beautiful and mysterious, has been the subject of campfire stories, ancient myths and awe for as long as there have been people. A desire to comprehend the Universe may well be humanity's oldest shared intellectual experience. Yet only recently have we truly begun to grasp our place in the vast cosmos. To learn about this journey of celestial discovery, from the theories of the ancient Greek astronomers to today's grandest telescopes, we invite you to experience From Earth to the Universe.

The Planets & Beyond - Live Show
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Show Length: 45-60 minutes

3rd Saturday of the Month

The Planet's and Beyond is a live interactive live tour of the solar system... and beyond. Audiences direct the show by choosing planetary destinations to fly to while our presenters reveal fascinating facts about these objects and give you on grand tours. Every show is different because it is directed by you!

Dawn of the Space Age
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Show Length: 41 minutes

4th Saturday of the Month

From the launch of the first artificial satellite Sputnik, to the magnificent lunar landings and privately operated space flights. Be immersed and overwhelmed with this most accurate historic reconstruction of man's first steps into space. Who were these men and women that took part in these death-defying endeavors? Witness their drive, their passion, and their perseverance to explore, in "Dawn of the Space Age".

Bad Astronomy
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Show Length: 46 minutes

5th Saturday of the Month (If there is one)

Based on the popular book and website of the same name, Bad Astronomy offers a unique and fun approach to learning about the cosmos. Join the "Bad Astronomer" Phil Plait as he takes a critical look at popular myths and misconceptions to show audiences how science can be used to evaluate questionable claims.

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